Suryalila Om Dome

We have a vision of an extraordinary place, a geodesic dome designed as a Tibetan stupa,

a spiritual meeting place conducive to the practice of yoga, meditation, dance,

a place for all people to come.

Our IndieGoGo is LIVE! Click here to donate!

We have 105 Yogis raising money through our 50 Day Yoga Challenge!

Its not too late to run a donation class!

Like our Facebook page

Spread the word by social, email and in person!

  To realise our vision we need to raise the funds to build the Om Dome here are Suryalila, our aim is to raise 150,000€, we are starting the IndieGoGo with a goal of 75,000€ to kick the project off, visit our Project page for full details, perks for donating and how we intend to pay it forward. It will all kick off on the 1st June! Pledge your support now!


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