50 Day Yoga Challenge

1st June to 20th July

For the duration of the IndieGoGo project a team of dedicated Yogis will be committing to practicing yoga every day for 50 days and YOU can join in!

Starting on 1st June, the day the IndieGoGo project goes live, and everyday including the 20th July you will be practicing yoga for at least an hour each day, the person that raises the most sponsorship money (over 1000€) will a weeks stay at Suryalila, with flights to Seville, airport transfers, all meals, a massage, a Dome T-Shirt, Vidya’s box set of DVDs and big hugs from all our staff members!

To get involved you can sign up here:

Or email us at OMDomeYogaProject@gmail.com

When the project goes live on the 1st June you can get your unique link and your sponsors can use it to donate. This way the money you raise will be tracked for you. Obviously your sponsors will be eligible for the perk associated with their donation amount and as a bonus we also will give you the perk associated with the total amount raised against your link!

Share your progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  We’ll be posting the yogi’s names and progress on this page and on our Facebook page too, send us a picture of you to get it added below


83 Yogi’s Participating!


Irene Alda
Lisa Bassi
Jacqueline Bell
Paul Brummel
Chrystal Chenery
Kylie Dibattista
Dawn Findlay
Mirela Giles
Susie Gillis
Jess Hacking
Vidya Heisel
Caroline Hiller
Christine Lamothe
Amber Lane (Pergande)
Vicktoria LaRiche
Jessie Le Couteur
Maria Martinez
Paula Martinez
Paula Mitten
Neil Hornish
Mary Noll
Roisin Kenny
Richard Pitt
Jessi Richmond
Scott Robinson
Gemma Russell
Tanya Ryan
Ellen Santoro
Ashley Schmid
Sarah Sims
Thea Telford
Sjonum A’lwalia
Jorin Hawley
Suzanne Haegels
Jennilee Toner
Kristine Doiron
Gilda Goharian
Jocelyn Thompson
Jo Crisall
Ghada Chikani
Marc Arquero
Ruchi Gulati
Lorna Wilson
Melanie Telford
Alan Thompson
Erin Lensky
Kate Donath
Alicia Bargh
Bethany Platanella
Tanea Garcia
Beckey King
Lisa Dunn
Denise Rapuano
Jeanne Pratt
Frances Drummond
Trang Huynh




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