The Project!

This fundraiser will finance the building of a large Geodisic Dome for use as a Yoga Hall at Suryalila, our Beautiful Yoga Retreat Centre in Southern Spain. This will enable us to spread the message of Yoga to more people, increasing the number of conscious and compassionate yogis in the world.





I have been studying practicing and teaching yoga for forty years. Twelve years ago, I began leading Intensive Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world at various Yoga Retreat Centres. I had difficulty finding the perfect environment for my retreats in Europe. I became passionate about the idea of creating the perfect retreat centre myself. After some searching I fell in love with Andalusia in Southern Spain. Together with some friends, I found a beautiful property to lease, with an option to buy, and Suryalila Retreat Centre was born. After three years of hard work we are busy building a successful business and sharing the experience of peace and contentment with everyone who visits. We believe that what we offer here is a truly transformational experience for people and we want to offer that to as many people as possible. With YOUR help in building a new yoga hall we can actualize this dream!

View of Suryalila from the gates

Approaching Suryalila


Idea for Project

We fell in love with the idea of building a large Geodisic Dome, based on the ingenious design of Buckminster Fuller.  This is both an economical and elegant solution. It will be a very beautiful and sacred Yoga Temple.

We contacted a branch of Pacific Domes in Portugal and are collaborating with them to design the structure. We also are working with a local company to design a foundation and floor for the Dome that has an under-floor heating and cooling system. We plan on building a few walls inside the Dome, with beautiful murals, for practicing handstands. We would also like to build some compost toilets outside to add to the environmental sustainability of the project.

Artists Impression of the Dome

Artists Impression of the finished Om Dome


Our Goal

Our dream is to continue to create an experience of heaven on earth; a stunningly beautiful oasis, in harmony with nature. We provide gourmet vegetarian organic local food, and offer a space of great beauty and peace to all who come here. This is already happening to a large extent. We want this to be an exemplary business, where everyone who works here is nurtured and encouraged to blossom. Our vision is expansive, and in order to continue to manifest this, we need your help. The Dome is an integral piece in the success of this dream and with your financial support we can make it happen!


View from inside the Dome

Artists impression of the view from inside the Om Dome


Paying It Forward

With the creation of this dome we will initiate a project to offer this experience to those less fortunate than us. In order to do so we have partnered with an organization in the UK to organize trips here for inner city and underprivileged young adults. We are offering these trips at no expense to the participants. We would like to share a wholesome holistic lifestyle with them, teaching them how to cook, do yoga, meditate, eat well and to enjoy nature and have a moment of peace. We will be starting this program this winter and hope to develop it further in time. This project ensures the lasting and far reaching impact of your contribution. We are starting this project in gratitude for this crowd-funding event and in gratitude for our amazing life at Suryalila.


The Ask

In order to build the foundations and the Dome itself the minimum we need is 75,000 euros, this is what we have set the IndieGoGo goal as because it would allow us to start the project.

In order to make the whole project a complete reality we need to raise a total of 150,000 euros, this includes running electricity to the Dome for lighting, heating/cooling, and music; addition of internal walls for handstand and inversion practice, toilets, landscaping around the dome, internal decoration and a path to the Dome!


Get Involved 


Join our 50 Day Yoga Challenge

Run a Donation Class

Fundraise in a different way or join our support team – get in touch –

We hope you will participate by donating and helping us to spread the word.

You can donate from the first of June at:

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